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Common Injuries That Senior Citizens are Predisposed to

As we advance in age, the possibility of getting injuries increases since there is general body weakness and also the lack of self-awareness. There is the basic belief in society that as people advance in age, they become too dependent rather than independent to the point of being compared to toddlers which are ironical but true at the same time. Senior citizens face a lot of challenges as their body tends to be degenerating and need to be taken care of as they are very much susceptible to many dangers out there that could cause serious injuries to them. From home to this company and taking walks around the estate, there are very many triggers to accidents that might cause them these accidents and you as the caregiver including the senior citizens should be aware of these dangers that are present. Being aware of these causes and types of injuries that these elderly people are predisposed to go a long way to ensuring they take care of themselves. Below is a comprehensive article expounding more on the injuries that the elderly are susceptible to in life.

To begin with, there is the need to be concerned about the risk of slipping and falling which is the major contributor to these injuries. This danger is the one that tops the list as there are so many things that could cause them to slip and fall. The bones of senior citizens are very weak and they also lack stability which increases the chances of falling anywhere anytime and getting injures that might turn out to be fatal and life-threatening. Slippery surfaces such as bathrooms or where there is spillage of fluids especially that which has been mixed up with soap is a major risk. Consider placing rubber mats and providing them with rubber shoes rather than woolen socks to walk around in so as to give them traction and stability to walk around.

Concussions are other injuries that senior citizens suffer. Concussion also affect young and strong people including athletes and this means that the effect could be more fatal in elders and they need to be protected from such.

With the advancement in age, the bones become weak and conditions that affect bones such as osteoporosis set in and make the bones very much susceptible to fracture and breaking or even dislocation. Slipping and falling predispose the hip as a major bone to injury since majority of people land with the hip and when it gets a fracture there are little hopes and chances of a full recovery.

Most of them insist on living on their own even though it is very evident that they help and in the process of carrying out basic duties such as cooking or warming water, they get burnt which might be very fatal and even lead to death in some isolated cases.